Restriction enzyme digest of DNA
with commercially available restriction enzymes

Paste the sequence in the textbox as plain text or fasta.

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Minimum recognition size for each restriction enzyme
Type of restriction enzyme
Use only this endonuclease Commercial source

Only restriction enzymes with known bases (no N,R,Y...)
Include Type IIb restriction enzymes (Two cleaves per recognition sequence)
Include Type IIs restriction enzymes (Non-palindromic and cleavage outside of the recognition site)
When two or more input sequences are searched:
Show only endonucleases showing different restriction patterns for searched sequences.

Version: 1.20160522 , based in REBASE version 605
This service recognizes 269 different cleavage patterns (from all 620 commercially available endonucleases).
This tool was described by San Millán et al, 2013 (DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-6-513).
Copy and paste PHP script is freely available at
Restriction Home.