Non-coding characters will be removed by default.
NC-UIBMB codes are used as a reference.

Molecular Weight:

 MW =(A*71.07)+(R*156.18)+(nN*114.08)+(nD*115.08)+(nC*103.10)+

Molar absorption coefficient: Pace et al., 1995

Isoelectric point estimation: Tabb D., 2003

Type of aminoacid (1):
    Polar: SCTNQHYW
    Non-Polar: GAPVILFM
    Charged: DEKR

Type of aminoacid (2):
    Small non-polar: SCTNQHYW (Yellow)
    Hydrophobic: CVILPFYMW (Green)
    Polar: DQH (Magenta)
    Negatively charged: NE (Red)
    Positively charged: KR (Blue)

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