Microarray Data Analysis

Spots are analyzed by the adaptive quantification method with local background subtractions

Microarray data:
Copy tabulated data to the textarea as shown. First valid data must correspond to Column 1/Row 1.
All lines preceding data for Column 1/Row 1 will be removed previous to calculations.
Computational procedure:
  1. For each spot, the following is computed for both channels (1 and 2): (value-background)*100/sum(value-background))
  2. With previous results, ch1/ch2 and ch2/ch1 are computed
  3. As there are several replicas for ch1/ch2 and ch2/ch1, median and its base 10 logarithm is computed.
  4. In a table, medians and logs are represented. A color code is used to show over-expression (red) or under-expression (blue).

Source code available at biophp.org